Use LoyaltyCart App For More Repeated Customers & More Revenue – All on Autopilot

Having repeated customers is critical for any business. Use digital rewards to increase customer loyalty and have them coming back spending more.

No physical cards

No more costly and expensive plastic cards or paper cards to run your rewards program.

Golive in minutes

Setup and run your own rewards program in a few minutes

Easy to follow steps

Step by step simple process to setup your loyalty program.

Detailed Reporting

Get insights into your customer behaviour with detailed reports  and analytics.

Use your own device

No more laptops, no more tablets. No hardware requirements. Just use your own device to setup.

No Technical Help Required

Anyone can get LoyaltyCart running in a few minutes without any technical help.

Retain and grow your loyal customer base with LoyaltyCart. Contact us for custom branded LoyaltyCart app

Easy, Advanced & Flexible Digital Loyalty Program

Setup multiple reward programs with drag and drop builder. Build intuitive workflows and take actions based on the conditions. A few examples of possible loyalty programs possible with LoyaltyCart below

Hair Salon Loyalty System

Dog Walking Loyalty Card

Surf Lessons Loyalty Card

Massage Parlour Loyalty Card

Restaurant Loyalty Card

Coffee Shop Rewards Card