More Leads, More Customers, More Revenue – All on Autopilot

Building a customer base is mission-critical for any business. We also know how difficult and time consuming it is to attract a targeted, relevant audience. We built marketingfloor to help you do this easily, quickly and automatically.

Automate Lead Generation

Let the system find leads relevant to your business, add them automatically to campaigns based on scoring logic to nature.

Automate Nurturing

Nurture your contacts with right information at the right time. It automatically segments your leads, triggers actions, choose the most appropriate message and communication channel based on the lead intelligence.

Automate Social Marketing

Manage your social marketing activities and find potential leads from popular networks automatically based your preferences.

Automate Lead Scoring

Automatically assign points to your leads based on unique characteristics to find qualified prospects easily. Trigger specific campaigns or actions based on the scoring results.

Automate Campaigns

Use the campaign builder to create automated multi channel campaigns triggered automatically based on the set conditions or actions

Automate Reputation Monitoring

Set  rules and triggers to monitor and manage references about your business online.

Email Marketing

Modern, reliable email engine with fully customizable templates, A/B testing, audience segmentation, real time reports and more.


Create elegant landing pages with forms or embed them into your existing web pages with advanced features like pre-population, progressive profiling, hidden fields etc to optimize in conversion and information capture.

Landing Pages

Build modern, elegant landing pages optimised for high conversion rates using the landing page builder. Build multiple landing page triggered based on rules, user actions or visitor history.

Automate Segmentation

Organise your leads automatically with segments based on business logic and deliver effective messages or campaigns for better conversions.

Find Influencers

Find influencers in your industry automatically and categorise them to focus your marketing efforts.

Progressive Profiling

Use progressive profiling forms to present different set of fields on your forms to collect a little more unknown information each time each time a visitor returns to your site.

Multi-channel Communications

Communicate with your digitally sophisticated leads with more than just email. Engage with your audience using the most effective channel and reach them more efficiently.

Dynamic Content

Personalise campaigns and messages to the visitors or leads based on the profile with dynamic contents.


Engage with your anonymous or known visitors with personalised messages to convert them to a customer. Capture your visitor activity and view details at a contact level for better decision making

Multi User

Add team members and assign roles for efficient resource management.

Contact Management

Maintain all of your marketing contacts in one place and organize them into relevant segments, categories and tags. Get a 360 degree view of your prospects and customers.

Reports & Analytics

Create custom reports using powerful tools to learn about everything from contact behaviour to anonymous visitors engagement. Everything is tracked and reported right through the admin dashboard.

Integrations and Plugins

Easy, Advanced & Flexible

Setup multiple campaigns with drag and drop campaign builder. Build intuitive workflows and take actions based on the conditions.

Save Time

Streamlined automatic campaigns help to reduce the time and labour, therefore reducing cost.


Keep all your marketing efforts in one place with multichannel management and a unified brand tone of voice.

Streamline marketing and sales
Automate repetitive manual processes

Don’t let repetative tasks slow you down. Create an account now.

Improve marketing efficiency and get better results by creating automated campaigns.